PROVIX: Now I can see!

PROVIX is Professional Vision Enhancement, the ability to see where once you could not.

PROVIX enhances vision through the deployment of technologically advanced camera systems. Camera systems that can include thermal vision, remote viewing capability, wireless recording, programmed and triggered event monitoring, night vision and safer more productive operations in any field, application, industry or environment ................

PROVIX represents the world's finest camera manufacturers. From thermal imaging cameras to PTZ surveillance cameras, from handheld to vehicle and equipment systems, PROVIX specialises in providing vision enhancement solutions for any situation or application. PROVIX vision enhancement solutions are deployed in law enforcement, fire and EMS applications, in marine environments, underground on hardrock mining equipment, on municipal vehicles from coast to coast and utilised as OEM camera systems by some of the finest equipment manufacturers in North America.

PROVIX staff are camera system specialists. We can consult on any type of camera systems deployment: from an Internet enabled Video Command Center with Remote Viewing on a tactical truck, to a camera wash system to keep slush and sleet off of a snowplow wing cam. From escort vans to grow op detection equipment, from rearview cameras on RVs, to digital video recording of industrial process applications.

PROVIX manufactures cameras and monitors for vehicles and equipment. Our overseas and domestic suppliers provide components and materials that have been produced to our exacting specifications. PROVIX branded monitors, cameras and audio video components have been exhaustively tested to meet and exceed industry standards.

Select any category to view camera systems that can easily be modified to meet your specialised requirements. Contact us to consult on any type of camera system deployment. We are a phone call or an email away from you being able to adopt our mission statement as your own:

PROVIX: Now I can see!