Synopsis and Key Management

Provix Inc. is a progressive forward thinking organization that specializes in finding and providing logical solutions to many types of problems or issues since 1987. We specialize in Vision Enhancement for increased production efficiency and a safer work environment through the strategic deployment of vehicle and equipment camera systems, HID and LED lighting, broadband backup alarms, and proximity detection systems. As a vision enhancement systems integrator Provix has developed strategic relationships with Industry leading companies such as FLIR, HELLA, GoLight, Hamsar, Nordic, ASA, Brigade, and PSE to offer rear-vision systems, Flir PathfindIR Thermal Imaging Cameras, Emergency equipment and vehicle safety lighting products.

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Provix vehicle and equipment safety systems are manufactured to our demanding specifications to meet the requirements of many diverse user groups. Focusing on performance, durability and cost effective deployment. Provix products can be counted on in many industries ranging from construction to mining, from police to military, from government to institution and from business to consumer applications.


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How We Began

In the late 1990's Vehicle vision systems and rear-view backup camera systems were sold almost exclusively for waste management trucks and recreational vehicles. System costs were prohibitive and were a major impediment to widespread deployment. Provix Inc. developed a modular rear-view camera system that offered simple installation, excellent operational performance, all at a competitive price. Lower up front costs provided the economic justification for deploying these systems, and the rest is history. Rear-view Camera systems are now common place: from the courier truck to your personal vehicle to municipal vehicles and Provix Inc. is justifiably proud to have played a key role in the widespread utilization of what was once considered a luxury item.